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This blog offers an international look at the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Indeed, campaigners worldwide are fascinated with American election campaigns. We observe relentless paid television advertising, straight-forward attack spots, sophisticated targeting and record-breaking fundraising. One cannot – and should not – simply copy paste American campaign techniques. However, campaigners out there in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia can get a lot of inspiration and specific takeaways from the most professional campaign in the world. This is the purpose of this blog.

The Purpose of a Campaign Slogan

The purpose of a good campaign slogan is to summarize the main campaign message in a simple and catchy way. Ideally, a slogan should also show favorable contrast between you and your competitors. The leader of the German SPD, Martin Schulz, used the slogan “Es ist Zeit” (It’s time). When I travelled through Germany these past weeks, I often saw billboards where the second part of the slogan (…for more social justice) was barely visible. As a result of it, I wondered what he means: It’s time for what? The slogan seemed to make little sense and barely shows contrast with the CDU. Now the German voters have answered the question: It’s time for the SPD to go into the opposition.

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