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This blog offers an international look at the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Indeed, campaigners worldwide are fascinated with American election campaigns. We observe relentless paid television advertising, straight-forward attack spots, sophisticated targeting and record-breaking fundraising. One cannot – and should not – simply copy paste American campaign techniques. However, campaigners out there in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia can get a lot of inspiration and specific takeaways from the most professional campaign in the world. This is the purpose of this blog.

Watch Florida this Fall, THE Swing State

Florida, THE swing state is at the center of the attention again. Its election for Senate will probably be the most expensive Senate campaign of the cycle. Former Republican Governor Rick Scott is challenging the incumbent, Democrat Bill Nelson. The realclearpolitics average of polls has Scott leading by 1.5% as of this writing. If Democrats lose that seat, it’s kinda hard to imagine any path to a Senate majority for them come November.

In addition to that, there will also be a fascinating showdown for Governor in the state of Florida. The Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, scored a major upset during this week’s primary. He campaigned on a clearly leftist platform and was backed by Bernie Sanders. Among others, he wants to legalize marijuana, increase the minimum wage to 15 USD and impeach Donald Trump. On the side of the GOP, Ron DeSantis, who was strongly endorsed by Donald Trump, won the nomination. This makes the race for Governor sort of a proxy war between President Trump and Bernie Sanders. Affaire à suivre…...

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